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The Technical Expert Network

TEN seeks to organize an independent, international community of technical experts who want to leverage their experience and to seize new professional opportunities in technology and emerging investment trends.

Completing successful projects leads to new business contacts and professional opportunities. Why not share your expertise and get rewarded for what you know today?

Understanding Global Markets

Organized around the belief that there is tremendous benefit in connecting the untapped wealth of subject matter experts around the world to global opportunities.

Analyzing Industries and Emerging Technologies

TEN manages projects but depends on experts to provide unique industry insights.

Delivering Customized Research

TEN’s research is customized for individual projects and decisions. We treat our customers and expert consultants’ interests with the utmost respect and discretion.


Energy & Utilities

Demand for accurate decisions about how and where to invest resources for these important, capital-intensive industries have been a mainstay for TEN experts: Oil & Gas; Electrical, Gas, Water, and Renewable Utility Equipment and Services.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Economies depend on effective transportation and infrastructure to survive and thrive, and worldwide expertise is continually sought in: Air, Marine, Road, Rail Transportation, and Logistics, as well as Civil Infrastructure domains.

Supply Chain & Industrials

Organizations are defined by their ability to source, produce, and deliver their products, and the benefits of insightful expertise surrounding Industrial Production, Engineering and Services, as well as with Suppliers, Trading Companies, and Distributors is clear.

Technology & Telecommunications

To best navigate our world of rapidly emerging high technology, industry requires access to a specialized variety of subject matter experts in fields such as: IT, Operational Technology, Telecommunications, and advancing/emerging Technologies.

Health Care & Life Sciences

With renewed global awareness, expertise is being eagerly sought in many facets of health care and life sciences, to include: Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, as well as Health Care Equipment, Supplies, and Services.

Materials & Environment

The global provision of raw and industrial materials is indispensable; simultaneously society demands improved environmental strategies along the way. Experts are needed in Chemicals, Metals, Minerals, Extractives, Commodities, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

Space & Aerospace

As the world enters a new age of a space, and with advancements in aerospace, opportunities abound for experts in aerospace and space commercialization, including satellites, operations, payloads, services, and products.

Financial Services & Real Property

When providing important capital and financial services to investors, companies, and other organizations, experts frequently provide valuable decision-making support to banks, investment houses, finance companies, real estate participants, and insurance companies.

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TEN Expert Membership

Share your expert perspective to generate income and increase professional opportunities. Sound international business and investment requires first-hand insights about technology developments and unique business situations.

As competition increases and business opportunities arise in more remote locations, your skills become more valuable. This value has only increased in a world where business travel has been curtailed by a pandemic.

Completing successful projects leads to new business contacts and professional opportunities. Why not share your expertise and get rewarded for what you know today?

Professional Opportunities

Reoccurring projects with the same customers can lead to full time consulting arrangements.

Skill Development

Research projects focused on related topics offer opportunities to hone knowledge, gain new skills and meet new business contacts.

Schedule Flexibility

Our experts have the discretion to work when it fits their schedule. There are no penalties for declining projects.

Additional Income

Expert survey input and consulting opportunities provides a source of consulting income.