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Critical Minerals

TEN consultant experts in critical mineral industries provided invaluable market insights into exploration in Africa and how supply chains operate from extrapolation to refinement and export across the world. These insights proved critical to a client’s decisions on where and how to invest in the mining logistics and shipping sector.

Supply Chain

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed supply chains to an almost complete halt worldwide, our network of experts contributed on the ground research to determine alternative shipping and transit route, using their agility, market reach, and technical acumen to find solutions for our private sector clients. The TEN expert cadre undoubtedly improved clients’ ability to get much needed medical and life-essential supplies to communities across the globe.


Geopolitical conflicts can arise at a moment’s notice and our experts throughout the Middle East and Europe have been instrumental in discussing on the ground realities of impacts on local oil and gas markets. As examples, the Gulf Rift proved a fragile time in the Middle East and our experts detailed the intricacies of the rift on the natural gas sector. In Venezuela too, our experts provided in-depth market expertise on the first and second order effects of the conflict on the oil industry there.